Free Internet, PCs and Low Cost Printing

Connected Libraries offer free Wi-Fi 24/7, so even when our branches are closed you can still get online. Simply accept the conditions of use once your device recognises our network and complete the login process with your library membership and password.

We also provide free use of PCs equipped with Microsoft Office Suite during opening hours. Computers can be booked at your local library or online below. You can also walk up to any available PC and login with your library card, providing it has not already been booked. Click here to view the conditions of use for our internet PCs.

Printing and photocopying are available, find out more about the costs here. Your library card is also a copy card and can be loaded with funds for printing or copying, but if you do not have a membership we can still help you with your printing needs – just ask staff.

Find out more about these services below:

This is the print service you can use when you’re at the library and need to printing something from your own device. It won’t generate a message to staff so you’ll need to collect it yourself from the printer or ask them to get it for you.

Use your library membership to upload your documents and print them at any of our libraries using your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Simply save or download your file to your device and in a web browser visit

Log in using your library membership and password, upload your files and then collect your print out from any of our photocopiers.

For a detailed how-to on using our Web Print service, click here

To book a computer online please click here.

To book, select Library Barcode, enter your library membership number and password as prompted, then click Reserve a Computer.

You will then be presented with a range of options, the first of which is the branch you wish to book for. You can then select the date and time for your session.

Please note that casual bookings cannot be made online.

You can now borrow a laptop or computer from your local library! We offer re-purposed laptops and desktop computers to you, our community to borrow.

Borrowing is simple:

Step 1: Head to our website and log into the library catalogue.

Step 2: Place a hold on the device (laptop or computer) that suits you best.

Step 3: We will let you know when you can collect it from your local library.

Please note that devices are only available to Connected Libraries members aged 15 or over.

Items are on loan for a 3 month period.