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What is the Home Library Service?
Connected Libraries offers free monthly deliveries of library materials to those who are housebound or who have difficulty getting to the library.

How does it work?
Home Library Service staff will meet with you and discuss your eligibility and reading interests. A volunteer will deliver library items to your home and exchange them on a regular basis.

Are you eligible?
If you live in the City of Casey and you are:

Unable to visit the library due to poor health; or
Temporarily or permanently housebound;or
Constrained with a disability; or
A full-time carer; or
Suffering from chronic illness; or
A resident in a care facility

Then our service is designed to come to you, so that you can enjoy the benefits of library membership even if you’re not able to attend a branch.

How to join
Call the Home Library Coordinator on 5990 0100 or email at or complete the Home Library Recipient form online below.

Become a volunteer
Our valued Home Library Service volunteers deliver library materials every month to those who are housebound or who have difficulty getting to the library

You must be over 18 years old, hold a current driver’s licence, and have access to your own vehicle. Please note that all volunteers are required to pass a National Police Record Check.

To become a volunteer you can call the Home Library Service Coordinator on 5990 0100, email us at or complete the form online

Apply as a Home Library Service Recipient
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