Seed Library

Are you keen to start your own garden at home? Join our free seed library and start planting!

How does it work?

Take up to 3 different types of seeds per season. It’s free to join and take the seeds home!

Grow your seeds at home in little pots, or straight in the dirt. Watch them flourish and provide you with fresh produce!  

f you want to pay it forward, you can save some seeds from your plants. Don’t worry, we will have packaging available for you to use and plenty of workshops and information to help you along the way! Donate these seeds and let someone else grow them in their own garden! Or you could donate leftover seeds from any half-empty packets you might have at home.  

All Connected libraries have a Seed Library. New seeds will be released each season, so you will soon have plenty of fresh produce growing in your garden!

Interested in registering for the seed library? Visit your local library or call 1800 577 548 for over the phone support.

Track your growing journey with our Seed Brochure – click here to download!

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