Connected Libraries Online Escape Room

The Phoenix Ashes

The staff of Connected Libraries have created an online Escape Room for your amusement!

An escape room is a type of game where you solve puzzles to ‘escape’ a room. In recent years they have become popular as physical places to visit where you solve riddles and puzzles in small groups in order to solve the game and escape. They can be quite beautiful and intricate with rooms and puzzles decorated in theme to suit the storyline of the game.

Our game is a JK Rowling inspired online version of an escape room. The principle is the same – you need to solve each puzzle in order to move forward to the next one, and eventually solve the game.

Welcome to CL’s virtual wizarding school…

Some things to help you on your journey

To access the description that you see when you enter a room, press the “i” in the top left hand corner at any time.

Due to the contents of the Escape Room and your internet connection, it may take 15 – 60 seconds to load.  

The game screen may not be in full view, depending on the browser and screen resolution you are using, if you are having any trouble viewing the game screen, we suggest reducing your zoom settings in your browser (Ctrl and the minus symbol – until you can see it all).

Remember, part of the challenge of an Escape Room is to work out which clues go with which puzzle.  Don’t expect the challenges to be easy! Grab a pencil and some paper and explore (and click) everything that you can!

And if you are stuck, there are hints available on all of the answer screens that will try to guide you on your way to victory.

Please note: The game may contain some content that could be deemed scary for younger players. 

Tell us what you think

Please let us know if you enjoyed the Escape Room and provide us with any feedback you may have, using the form below: