Local History Videos

Find out more about the wealth of information available to you through the library.  Look into your local and family history with a range of helpful resources.

Click here to view our collection of videos from the Casey Cardinia Heritage Festival 2021

Learning To Research – Presented by Charlotte Milkins, Local Historian & Researcher.

Casey Cardinia & The Great War – Presented by Jane Rivett Carnac

Researching your multicultural Family history – created by Kate Davis, presented by Michelle McLean

Women at Work: explores how women worked and the resources used to find out more – by Heather Arnold

Women at home: discover the lives and times of your female ancestors – by Jane Rivett Carnac

Lies, Crime and Statistics – resources for local and family history

Trove is more than Newspapers by Jane Rivett-Carnac

Using the newspapers on Trove for local and family history

Local Treasures: What we found out about in local monuments and memorials by Jane Rivett-Carnac

Public Records Office: discover the treasures within, presented by Sebastian Gurciullo

Family History: Not Everything Is Online

Finding Your Irish Roots – Nov 2021

Dead Men Do Tell Tales

How We Honoured Our Soldiers

They Didn’t Swim Here

Find My Past

The Engineering and Development of the Koo Wee Rup Swamp

Cranbourne – A Virtual History

Berwick History

History of Pakenham


Seasonal Acrostic Local History

Seasonal Acrostic Local History – Happy New Year

Convicts, Exiles and Criminals

Organising your Family History

New Zealand Family History

Find Your Irish Roots

Building Blocks of Family History

Discover Your Family History Through Online Newspapers

A Celebration Of Our Farming History

Local Hotels of Casey and Cardinia in the 1900s

Tasmanian Archives

Lost Victoria

Beginning Family History

Introduction to Family History

Family History Resources on the Internet

Postcards: Collections of Memories and Love

Family Search, Find my Past and Ancestry

Discover Your Family History Through Newspapers